JIE Technology Company Limited

Product Detail
Artec Spider™
Price : HKD180,000
Type : Hand-held 3D Scanner
Material : ABS&Metal
Color : Grey
Brand : Artec
Model : Spider™
Original : 0.00
Value :
库存量 :

Artec Spider™
Artec Spider is a new 3D scanner designed specifically for CAD users and perfect for reverse engineering, product design, quality control and mass production. Together with Artec Studio software, it is a powerful, desktop tool for designers, engineers and inventors of every kind.

Perfect for CAD
Artec Spider is the first handheld 3D scanner for CAD applications. It scans with accuracy of up to 30 microns and resolution of up to 100 microns, meaning that this scanner is most effective when digitizing small-sized objects with intricate details, sharp edges and thin ribs.

Perfect for Quality Control
Maintain product quality with Artec Spider. Incredible precision, high resolution and accuracy, multiple measurement tools enable you to fulfill requirements for quality, eliminate manufacturing errors and measure deformations.

Perfect for CG
Artec Spider introduces new, unreachable level of detailing. Create highly-detailed CG scenes by digitizing small objects in brilliant color. Artec Spider captures color information at 24 bits per pixel (bpp) with a resolution of 1.3 megapixels (mp). These detailed, textured models can be used in such industries as CG and animation.

Common specifications

Ability to capture texture
3D resolution, up to
0.1 mm
3D point accuracy, up to
0.03 mm
3D accuracy over distance, up to
0.03% over 100 cm
Texture resolution
1.3 mp
24 bpp
Light source
blue LED
Working distance
0.17 – 0.35 m

Linear field of view, HxW @ closest range
90 mm x 70 mm
Linear field of view, HxW @ furthest range
180 mm x 140 mm
Angular field of view, HхW
30 x 21°
Video frame rate, up to
7.5 fps
Exposure time
0.0005 s
Data acquisition speed, up to
1 000 000 points/s
Multi core processing
Dimensions, HxDxW
190 x 140 x 130 mm

0.85 kg / 1.9 lb
Power consumption
12V, 24W
1 х USB2.0
Output formats
Processing capacity
40'000'000 triangles/1GB RAM
Supported OS
Windows 7 or Windows 8 - x64
Minimum computer requirements
I5 or I7 recommended, 12 Gb RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 400 series
no special equipment required